EU-China industrial cooperation

One of the main objective of CHOICE was to strengthen EU-China industrial cooperation in ICT R&D, also with the view of preparing the groundĀ for new upcoming rules governing EU-China ICT R&D cooperation under Horizon 2020 (H2020).

CHOICE enhanced EU-China industrial cooperation through, the identification of (i) industry R&D potential and pioneers, (ii) insight reports on relevant associations, and (iii) liaison activities with EU ICT Technology Platforms.

For this purpose, the project involved the Joint Technological Initiatives (JTIs) and other national platforms while:

  • Mapping relevant Chinese associations and matching them with ETPs
  • Liaising and engaging with European ICT Technology Platforms and relevant associations in China Participatngn in relevant external events
  • Producing a handbook for EU-China ICT industrial
  • Publishing an annual electronic report regarding the main results of EU-China ICT industrial cooperation