Interactive platformes


An interactive web platform

Providing latest info on EU-China S&T R&D cooperation in ICT

A virtual community of stakeholders

Supporting research and dialogue on ICT on LinkedInTwitter and Weibo

Four thematic workshops

organized to accelerate China-EU cooperation in the field of IoT, Immersive and Interactive Media, Industry IoT and exploring FIWARE opportunities

Two open events

Organized in Chengdu and Lisbon to showcase EU-China ICT R&D cooperation success stories, to exchange on collaboration best practices and to provide participants with networking opportunities




An info package

Providing EU researchers with an overview of the relevant Chinese national agencies, ICT R&D programmes, sources of funding for EU-China collaborative ICT R&D&I, as well as guidance for application submission

A handbook

Presenting the current policy framework within which new Chinese regulations and standards for emerging ICT technologies are being developed

A roadmap and action plan

To the EC and EU stakeholders to strengthen EU-China ICT R&D research cooperation beyond FP7

CHOICE Services



Two webinars

Offered to illustrate key features of the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE) and H2020 ICT opportunities for China as well as the future of EU-China ICT R&D collaboration

An online database

Providing info on relevant China-EU and MS/AC cooperation projects and a mapping of Chinese industrial associations to European Technology Platforms (ETPs) and Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)

An “Ask an expert” online service 

For European and Chinese researchers in the ICT field looking for support and guidance in the development of joint research projects

A website FAQs section

Detailing the responses to frequently asked questions received during the project

Industrial collaborations

More than 100 EU-China ICT industrial collaborations opportunities resulting from matchmaking and B2B activities supported by the CHOICE project