The CHOICE project organized the following events:


Four workshops synchronized with policy dialogues (EU dialogues with MoST and MIIT)

The focus of these workshops was chosen according to outputs of the priorities and recommendations for strengthening EU-China R&D cooperation, and priorities identified during previous EU-China policy dialogues. They aimed to:

  • Generate policy dialogues while facilitating interaction of Officials from Europe and China (EU dialogues with MoST and MIIT);
  • Promote European research excellence focusing on European research of relevance to China to support policy dialogues; one of the main issues or burdens for reaching a better integration of the European and Chinese research landscapes was the lack of perceived relevance of European research to China;
  • Propose self-sustaining mechanisms for identifying European research that have the potential to initiate economic sustainable research cooperation with China outside of European funded research programmes.

Learn more about the CHOICE workshops:

EU-China thematic workshop on IoT – London – June 19, 2014

EU-China thematic workshop on Immersive and Interactive Media – Beijing – March 31, 2015

EU-China thematic workshop on Industry IoT – Beijing – July 6, 2015

CHOICE workshop “Exploring FIWARE opportunities towards China” – Hamburg – November 6, 2015

Two one-day open events

The CHOICE Events were hosted in major cities with a strong background and rich resources in ICT. European and Chinese representatives from national/regional governmental bodies, industries, research institutes were invited to attend these events, which included:

  • High level, policy oriented session(s) involving Chinese and Europeans officials;
  • Thematic session(s) based on “hot topics” identified in WP 1, with a specific focus on showcasing cooperation success stories and EU research excellence;
  • Networking oriented sessions aiming at supporting activities in WP 3. Bilateral meetings involving potential partners were prepared in advance through community building web tools, so that their potential would be maximized. Participants to each bilateral meeting were requested to agree on specific cooperation topics and patterns and identify concrete cooperative actions to be undertaken after the event.

Learn more about the CHOICE open events:

1st CHOICE event “Fostering EU-China Collaborative Innovation in ICT” – Chengdu – October 22-23, 2014

CHOICE Final Event – Lisbon – October 19/ 20-22, 2015


The CHOICE project endeavored to promote information on Horizon 2020 in China. It communicated the content, changed rules and regulations and the role for NCPs/RCPs in China within Horizon 2020. Communication channels were built up and strengthened between European NCPs and Chinese NCPs/RCPs to disseminate the information to the broader Chinese research community.

The achievement of these goals was supported by the production of webinars in two phases:

  • The first phase mainly aimed at improving communications and mutual learning channels between EU and Chinese NCPs. The project ensured that EU NCPs (who naturally have advanced information on Horizon 2020) help their Chinese counterparts build up knowledge on Horizon 2020 and related ICT programme.
  • The second phase mainly aimed at addressing Chinese NCPs/RCPs’ specific needs for information arising from the implementation of Horizon 2020 Helpdesk services. A nation-wide help desk was explored and utilized for the CHOICE project with regard to ICT R&D.

Learn more about the CHOICE webinars:

1st CHOICE Webinar on Digital Agenda for Europe and Horizon 2020 ICT opportunities for China – September 24, 2014

2nd CHOICE Webinar on the future of EU-China ICT R&D collaboration – December 17, 2014