Useful documents and links

Useful documents

International cooperation

Internet of Things

IoT White paper (October 2014)

EU‐China Position Paper on IoT Architecture (October 2014)

• Benchmark Study for Large Scale Pilots in the area of Internet of Things, Price Waterhouse Coopers EU Services (April 2014)

• Building the Hyperconnected Society – IoT Research on Innovation Value Chains Ecosystems and Markets, Dr. Peter Friess and Dr. Ovidiu Vermesan (June 2015)

• Definition of a Research and Innovation Policy Leveraging Cloud Computing and IoT Combination, IDC Italia S.r.L and TXT e-solutions S.P.A. (2014)


Status Quo of 5G and Potential for Industry/Academia Partnerships, Nigel Jefferies (Huawei Technologies Co Ltd) (June 2015)

2014 first version of 5G white paper– Rethink Mobile Communications for 2020+Future Mobile Communication Forum (November 2014)

5G Vision and Requirements White Paper, IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group (May 2014)

5G Wireless Backhaul Networks: Challenges and Research Advances, Xiaohu Ge, Hui Cheng, Mohsen Guizani, and Tao Han in IEEE Network (November – December 2014)

 5G Wireless Communication Systems: Prospects and Challenges, John Thompson, Xiaohu Ge, Hsiao-Chun Wu, Ralf Irmer, Hong Jiang, Gerhard Fettweis, Siavash Alamouti in IEEE Communications Magazine (February 2014)

• Towards Green and Soft: A 5G perspective, Xby Chih-Lin I, Corbett Rowell, Shuangfeng Han, Zhikun Xu, Gang Li, and Zhengang Pan (China Mobile Research Institute), in IEEE Communications Magazine (February 2014) 

• Five Disruptive Technology Directions for 5GFederico Boccardi (Vodafone), Robert W. Heath Jr. (University of Texas at Austin), Angel Lozano (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Thomas L. Marzetta (Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent), Petar Popovski (Aalborg University), in IEEE Communications Magazine (February 2014)

• Network Densification: The Dominant Theme for Wireless Evolution into 5G, Naga Bhushan, Junyi Li, Durga Malladi, Rob Gilmore, Dean Brenner, Aleksandar Damnjanovic, Ravi Teja Sukhavasi, Chirag Patel, and Stefan Geirhofer (Qualcomm Technologies, Incorporated) in IEEE Communications Magazine (February 2014)

• Networks and Devices for the 5G Era, Boyd Bangerter, Shilpa Talwar, Reza Arefi, and Ken Stewart (Intel), in IEEE Communications Magazine (February 2014)

• 5GNOW: Non-Orthogonal,Asynchronous Waveforms for Future Mobile Applications, Gerhard Wunder, Peter Jung, and Martin Kasparick (Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute Berlin), Thorsten Wild, Frank Schaich, Yejian Chen, and Stephan ten Brink (Alcatel-Lucent, Bell-Labs), GermanyIvan Gaspar, Nicola Michailow, Andreas Festag, and Luciano Mendes (Technische Universität), Dresden Nicolas Cassiau, Dimitri Kténas (Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives), Marcin Dryjanski and Slawomir Pietrzyk (IS-Wireless), Bertalan Eged, Peter Vago, and Frank Wiedmann (National Instruments), in IEEE Communications Magazine (February 2014)

• Millimeter-Wave Beamforming as an Enabling Technology for 5G Cellular Communications: Theoretical Feasibility and Prototype Results, Wonil Roh, Ji-Yun Seol, JeongHo Park, Byunghwan Lee, Jaekon Lee, Yungsoo Kim, Jaeweon Cho, and Kyungwhoon Cheun (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.Farshid Aryanfar, Samsung Research America) in IEEE Communications Magazine (February 2014)

• Applications of Self-Interference Cancellation in 5G and Beyond, Steven Hong, Joel Brand, Jung Il Choi, Mayank Jain, Jeff Mehlman, Kumu Networks, Sachin Katti, and Philip Levis (Kumu Networks and Stanford University) in IEEE Communications Magazine (February 2014)

 Cellular Architecture and Key Technologies for 5G Wireless Communication Networks, Cheng-Xiang Wang (Heriot-Watt University and University of Tabuk), Fourat Haider (Heriot-Watt University), Xiqi Gao and Xiao-Hu You (Southeast University), Yang Yang (Shanghai Tech University), Dongfeng Yuan (Shandong University), Hadi M. Aggoune (University of Tabuk), Harald Haas, (University of Edinburgh), Simon Fletcher (NEC Telecom MODUS Ltd.), Erol Hepsaydir (Hutchison 3G UK) in IEEE Communications Magazine (February 2014)

Smart Cities

“Comparative Study of Smart Cities in Europe and China” – Report commissioned by the EU Policy Dialogue Support Facility II (PDSF) on behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT) and DG Communications Networks, Content & Technology (CNECT) (March 2014)

Comparative Study of Smart Cities in Europe and China 2014 supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) DG CNECT, EU Commission, drafted by China Academy of Telecommunications Research (CATR) and the EU-China Policy Dialogues Facility II (PDSF) (April 2014)

• “Comparative Study of Smart Cities in Europe and China”- White Paper commissioned by the EU-China Policy Dialogues Support Facility II (PDSF) on behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT) and DG Communications Networks, Content & Technology (CNECT) (March 2014)

Key Findings – Comparative Study of Smart Cities in Europe and China, Presentation for the EU-China Smart Cities Exchange Meeting, CATR, EU-China PDSF II Beijing (28 – 30 April 2014)

The Human Smart Cities Cookbook, Planum no.28 vol.1 (2014)

10 Year Rolling Agenda, The European Commission – Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform (December 2013)

Key Innovations and Strategies brochure, The European Commission – Smart Cities Staheholder Platform

Integrated Action Plan_Report process and guidelines for Smart cities, The European Commission – Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform (December 2013)

• The China Urban Sustainability Index 2013, The Urban China Initiative & McKynsey Global Institute (April 2014)

• The China Greentech Report 2012, Greentech Networks Limited in collaboration with MangoStrategy, LLC (2012)

Future Internet Research and Experimentation

Useful links


In Europe

• European Union (EU)
European Commission (EC)
Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT)
Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE)
European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020) (Horizon 2020)
The European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (2008-2013) (FP7)
ICT Theme under FP7
European Union External Action Service – EU’s relations with China (EEAS-China)
Delegation of the European Union to China
DG Research & Innovation – International Cooperation Policy with China
EuropeAid – Development and Cooperation with China
European Strategic Partnerships Observatory (ESPO)
EU-China Policy Dialogue Facility II (EU-China PDSF)

In China

• Ministry for Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)
Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)
MOST National High-Tech 863 and 973 programmes
Ministry of Education (MoE)
National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)
China Academy of Sciences (CAS)


EU FP7 projects


DRAGON STAR Plus – Dragon-Sustaining Technology And Research (EU-China Collaboration) (2015-2018)
• EU-China FIRE (ECIAO) – Facilitation of coordination and support to EU-China cooperation on Future Internet Experimental Research (FIRE) and IPv6 (2013-2015)


BILAT SILK – Bilateral support for the international linkage with Kina (2008-2011)
ChinaAccess4EU – Supporting the EU Access to Chinese Research & Innovation Programmes (2010-2012)
OpenChina-ICT – Opening European Chinese Cooperation on ICT Research (2012-2013)
OrientPLUS – Maintain and further develop infrastructure between GÉANT and China that is open for use by all European and Chinese researchers (2011-2014)
DRAGON STAR – Dragon-Sustaining Technology And Research (EU-China Collaboration) (2012-2015)
• CHAIN-REDS – Promoting and supporting collaboration across e-Infrastructures at the global level (2012-2015)



Other websites of interest

Euraxess Links China – To provide information about research in Europe, European research policy, opportunities for research funding, for international collaboration and for trans-national mobility
EuroAsia – Platform to provide European and Asian organisations with relevant background information and useful links on the development of R&D cooperation projects in the ICT area